Each and every day, our skin comes into contact with numerous different fabrics, from bath towels, to bed sheets and clothing as well. People with sensitive skin understand that it’s a combination of the fabric, how it is laundered, as well as the manufacturing process that will affect how your skin reacts. People who suffer from skin sensitivities such as eczema or dermatitis often see an increase in symptoms during the night, caused by overheating, which causes your bedding to stick to, and irritate the skin.

Bamboo bedding has numerous, unique properties that cater to individuals with skin sensitivities. this makes bamboo sheets the ultimate combination of incredible comfort and cool, moisture wicking breathability that is guaranteed to give you the best nights sleep you have ever experienced.

Bamboo fibre is unique. The same properties that give bamboo fabric its incredible softness also make it ideal for people with sensitive skin. There are no sharp spurs in the fibers to irritate the skin. The fibres that make up bamboo fabric are naturally round and smooth without the need for additional chemical processing. This means that bamboo fabric is ideal for use right up against the skin, even for people who have a reaction to other, heavier fabrics. Heavier fabrics tend to trap more heat and moisture against your skin. Bamboo fabric is light, and can wick away 3 times as much moisture as its cotton equivalent, evaporating away the moisture before it will cause you to sweat  and stick, irritating the skin. In addition, its thermal regulating properties will keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Because the moisture is removed from your skin and evaporated, there is no opportunity for the fabric to stick to your skin and cause irritation.

Combined with the fact that bamboo fabric is by nature anti static, you will never wake up stuck to your bed sheets again. In contrast, when cotton is heated, it tends to store moisture creating the perfect environment for an uncomfortable, unpleasant sleep. Bamboo fabric has micropores which are the reason that they are able to regulate body temperature and wick moisture with such efficiency when compared to most other types of bedding. The repeated washing and drying of most types bedding over its lifespan will often cause the fabric to become less sot, often causing irritation to those with skin sensitivities. Bamboo sheets only get softer as they are washed over their lifespan, meaning you will be enjoying the benefits that bamboo has to offer for many years to come.

Whether you are looking to solve a specific problem that you’ve been having for many years regarding your skin, or you are just looking for the ultimate in bedding comfort, bamboo sheets are the ideal solution. The unique benefits that bamboo sheets offer to those with skin sensitivities are equally appealing to any person who would enjoy bedding that is extremely soft, doesn’t stick to your skin, is incredibly moisture wicking, as well as thermally regulating. It is hard to believe until you actually feel it for yourself, and you will be amazed.