Getting an uninterrupted night sleep may seem like an impossible dream to many. Especially to the women making their journey through menopause. Hot flashes and night sweats leave many tossing and turning all night, having to deal with insomnia due to lack of sleep. Waking up drenched in sweat is no picnic either. For some, it gets to a point where they actually need to change their clothing or bed linens, and it’s not easy to get back to sleep after that amount of activity in the middle of the night. These symptoms lead to fatigue, irritability, and trouble concentrating the next day. While you may want to check with your doctor if these symptoms persist, you can make a few easy changes to your lifestyle in order to try to reduce the impact these symptoms are causing.

Just a few easy adjustments to your night time routine can keep you and your loved ones as comfortable as possible in the face of menopause, night sweats, and overheating. These suggestions are applicable to both men and women who experience night sweats.

Throw away those old polyester bed sheets in favor of softer, more breathable materials. Keep the thread count at or below 500. Too high of a thread count restricts air flow. Luckily, due to the shape and nature of bamboo fibres, even a 320 thread count set of bed sheets will feel softer than a 1000 thread count luxury cotton equivalent; all while wicking away moisture 3 times as efficiently. Bamboo fibres also have micro-pores, which greatly increase their breathability and help to reduce the amount of body heat trapped under the covers.

Down comforters are an extremely popular choice when it comes time to choose your bedding. The problem with down, just like with extremely high thread count sheets, is that they trap heat. With no route to escape, the heat will build and simply add to the discomfort of any hot flash or night sweat that you or your loved ones may be experiencing.

Instead of a thick down comforter, layer a thinner blanket over your moisture wicking bamboo sheets so that in the event you do experience discomfort, you can easily just peel back the blanket and relieve your symptoms. Toss away your old flannel pyjamas, and go for a more breathable fabric, or even just do away with the pyjamas altogether. They are just another layer that can and will trap in body heat at a time when you want the exact opposite to be happening.

When putting your freshly cleaned sheets onto your bed, resist the urge to tuck in your top sheet too tightly. Instead, let them drape over the sides of your bed so that you don’t feel trapped, and trap in any excess heat and moisture.  It will allow that extra little bit of unwanted heat and humidity to dissipate, and every bit helps.

In the end, the most important factor will be the type of bed sheets that you choose. We guarantee that our 100% bamboo bed sheets will put you in the most comfortable state possible compared to any other type of bed sheets, and you will wonder what took you so long to try them.