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We at Domo Bamboo are extremely proud to offer the highest quality sheets to you and your family. We’ve worked diligently for the last 8 years to refine and perfect these 100% bamboo sheets and promise that they are bar none, the softest sheets you will ever own. We use the finest bamboo yarn to produce a fabric that creates a soft silky drape that hugs you every time you get in bed. We hope you enjoy these sheets as much as we do. Sleep well.

The Domo Bamboo Team

Softest Sheets



No more losing sleep due to stiff and scratchy bed sheets. Domo Bamboo Sheets eliminate the additional triggers of sensitive skin-related issues. We not only champion these sheets for comfort, we guarantee customer satisfaction or your money back.

breathable sheets



Micro-pores in Bamboo fibre greatly increase the fabrics breathability, and improve its moisture wicking ability, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Hypoallergenic Sheets



Scientific studies prove that 70% of bacteria and odor-causing bacteria cannot survive on bamboo. Along with its odor resistant qualities, Domo Bamboo Sheets are also hypoallergenic.

eco friendly sheets



Because Bamboo is a renewable resource and extremely fast growing, Domo Bamboo Sheets are manufactured in an environmentally sustainable way. Bamboo requires no fertilizer and thus has less of an environmental impact.

Comfort as a Lifestyle


The story usually goes a little like this. You start off with single set of Domo sheets. After a little bit, you start do dread when you get to those ‘other’sheets in your sheet rotation. You get a second set, cause those ‘other’ sheets just weren’t doing it for you anymore. Then one weekend, as you’re packing your bags to get away, you think it’s a good idea to bring the Domo sheets with you. You’re hooked.
We believe in comfort as a lifestyle and Domo Bamboo sheets
are made to reflect that.  We use incredibly fine bamboo fibers to produce a thread count that is triple that of any of its cotton counterparts. This produces a beautifully soft and silky fabric that provides a luxurious satiny drape. You’ll never look at those ‘other’ Egyptian cotton sheets the same way again – it’s not even close.

Domo Bamboo sheets come with either 320 or 500 thread counts – both offering unparalleled softness though with slightly different benefits.



These sheets are thinner and provide the most luxurious feeling as they drape across your body. They excel at offering exceptional breathability, ensuring you keep cool in summer and warm in winter.




These sheets are thicker and provide the ultimate in cozy comfort. They excel at keeping you dry by quickly wicking away any moisture, minimizing temperature changes and giving you the perfect night’s sleep


  • Alyssa R

    We just bought our 2nd pair so that we don’t need to do an immediate wash when they’re dirty. I refuse to put any other sheets on this bed.

  • Jesse P

    I usually can’t cuddle with my wife in bed cause she heats up like furnace.  Now I just put the sheet between us and I hold her all night long.

  • Jennifer P

    They easily fit my huge mattress and are  incredibly soft soft soft! I just love the feeling when they drape over my body.

  • Erica K

    I was worried the first time I took the 500s out of the wash because they were very rigid. They totally softened up in the dryer and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase.

  • Frank L

    I have both the 320 and 500s. I use the 320s in the summer and the 500s in winter. The 500s are thicker and warmer and while the 320s have the edge in softness.

  • Karen M

    We upgraded to a King sized bed and I had to wait till we received our new sheets before setting it up.

  • Jessica P

    These are easily the softest sheets I have ever owned. I’ve done 800 cotton thread count – nope; Egyptian cotton – no way; even satin – sorry.  I have 4 pairs of these sheets and I consider them family heirlooms.

  • Martin M

    Coming into a freshly made bed with these sheets is pure heaven. If I change the sheets in the morning, I look forward to the moment I get into bed ALL day.

  • Lisa M

    I love these sheets so much,  I take them with me whenever I travel. My husband complains, but he is the first to remind me to take them if I forget!

  • Laura

    Hands down the softest sheets i’ve ever owned. I can’t imagine sleeping in anything else! Thank you Domo!